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White-collared Seedeater /semillero de collar (Sporophila torqueola)

Voice: Often heard calls are a clear descending “cheeeu” and a hard “tink.” Song is a series of clear whistles.

White-collared Seedeater
Status: Rare and local resident along the Rio Grande from Falcon Dam area west to about Laredo. Very rare east to Bentsen SP, where the only sighting during the past year was from the hawk tower.

Habitat: White-collared Seedeaters prefer weedy edges and second growth near stands of tall cane (Phragmites) along the Rio Grande.

Best Spots: Rarely reported in the Valley, occasionally found in the tall cane along Rio Grande at Chapeno and below the Falcon Spillway. The most reliable spot in recent years has been at the San Ygnacio Bird and Butterfly Park at the end of Washington Street in San Ygnacio. Seedeaters are also occasionally reported from the Zapata Library.

Similar Species: White-collared Seedeaters are very small birds with stubby (pug-nosed bills). With their black crowns and bold wing-bars, male seedeaters are unmistakable. Females and young males, however, are very drab and nondescript. Females seedeaters are distinguished from female Indigo Buntings by their smaller size, stubbier bill, shorter tail, and lack of any streaking in underparts. In the U.S., White-collared Seedeaters are virtually confined to cane habitat along a short stretch of Rio Grande.

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