Birds of the Rio Grande Valley

A World Class Destination for Birders and Birds
The Rio Grande Valley hosts one of the most spectacular convergences of birds on earth. Almost 500 species have been documented in this unique place. Many breed and nest along the quiet Laguna’s, palm-fringed Resaca’s and in the lush thorn forests. Each year, birders come here to witness this majestic migratory journey. Birders also come to see bird species they can’t find anyplace else in the country…from the Green Jay and the Buff-bellied Hummingbird to the Great Kiskadee and the Altamira Oriole.

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White Collared seedeater White tipped dove white tailed hawk tropical parula tropical kingbird reddish egret red cowned parrot red billed pigeon
plain chachalaca pelican olive sparrow beardless tyrannulet muscovy duck long billed thrasher least grebe kinged king fisher
hook billed kite great kiskadee grooved billed ani green kinged fisher green jay gray hawk couch's king bird White Collared seedeater
common paurague clay colored robin humming bird brown jay botteris sparrow audobon oriole altamira oriole green parakeet

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A Birder's Eye View of the Seasons in the Lower Rio Grande Valley  

Welcome to a birder’s eye view of the seasons in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Enjoy our annual cycle! The resulting avifauna in deep South Texas is the most diverse north of the Mexican border. The four county area that makes up the lower Rio Grande Valley has recorded over 500 species of birds. This is more species of birds than have been recorded in all but two or three entire states. Small wonder that birders from across the continent make pilgrimages to the region. Happy Birding!

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